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Thursday, June 23, 2016

New York City Will Provide Free Tampons and Pads in Public Schools, Prisons, and Shelters


Unknown said...

But the GUYS that request them are only fantasizing. They should pay for theirs.

Anonymous said...

Not much left to give now.
That's all folk's, we're down to seeds and stems.

Anonymous said...

Big brother says no one should be allowed to have any personal responsibility. We're going to wind up like Brazil where they need to cut back on doctors and police so they can afford to cover the cost of the Olympics.


Steve said...

First day only on the surprise early one, right? The rest of the week, are they on their own?

Anonymous said...

This is what happens under the leadership of a communist(DeBlasio)who thinks he knows how to run a city government. Maybe he should pay as much attention to the rat infestation.

Anonymous said...