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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Obama's whitewashing of the Orlando massacre

BOCA GRANDE, Fla. — Truly, there is no reserve of cynicism vast enough for decent, freedom-loving Americans to fully comprehend the diabolical motivations of President Obama and the henchmen he has running his administration.

It defies even the most dishonest and criminal imagination. It really is enough to make good people seriously question where the president’s loyalties actually lie.

Of course, it is all part of Mr. Obama’s plan to exacerbate those very questions about where he was born and whether he is a closet Muslim — because that automatically turns even decent people into frothing lunatics for dabbling in such conspiracies and innuendo.

His is the lowest, most crass and degrading cynicism and it permeates every action and every statement made by this White House.


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