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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Clinton IT specialist invokes 5th more than 125 times in deposition

Hillary Clinton IT specialist Bryan Pagliano invoked the Fifth more than 125 times during a 90-minute, closed-door deposition Wednesday with the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch, a source with the group told Fox News.

The official said Pagliano was working off an index card and read the same crafted statement each time.

“It was a sad day for government transparency,” the Judicial Watch official said, adding they asked all their questions and Pagliano invoked the Fifth Amendment right not to answer them.

Pagliano was a central figure in the set-up and management of Clinton’s personal server she used exclusively for government business while secretary of state. The State Department inspector general found Clinton violated government rules with that arrangement



Anonymous said...

Is everyone a lawyer these days? News anchors,talk show hosts etc all seem to have a law degree.Right and wrong no longer count.I personally am sick of everyone trying to make being a criminal the correct way to be,or the legally acceptable way to be.I may not ever be rich,but I'm honest.

Anonymous said...

Even if they were lawyers they'd suck at it. Honestly this guy's immunity should be revoked for reneging on the agreement he struck to get said immunity. He should be charged and go down handcuff and handcuff with Clinton for the mishandling of top secret Intel.

Rob said...

Guilty 125 times...

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a mafia trial. As Trump said, Hildabeast is the most crooked corrupt human being that ever ran for any office. Look at the actions of the people around her. They are scared to death of the Clinton kiss of death, much more afraid of that than our pathetic government.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words ... Save it . Joe keep this post on your mind when in a year or less Bryan is dead. He already knows this . And he knows that he has entirely way to much information on what was asked of him, what he has heard,and what he has done. You will have a post on his death in the next year most likely less than six months.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else getting an access denied message trying to follow the link?

Anonymous said...

No question he's a complicit rat.

But IIRC his immunity deal is with criminal authorities. If they ask him questions he has to both answer and to answer truthfully or else his immunity goes away.

Judicial Watch's suit falls under civil rules IIRC. So he can take the 5th without fear, and it may have been prudent for him to do so lest he give them an opening.

Bear in mind the 'grilling' he got by agents of the Department of Injustice in exchange for immunity may have included tough questions like, "What's your sign?", "What's your favorite color?", "Boxers or briefs?", etc. so the Judicial Watch questions may have been tougher, more pointed and more likely to get at the root.

He's still a rat, and my comments don't excuse him in any way, shape or form.