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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Former Concrete Plant Property Rezoning Advances; Major Hotel-Restaurant Complex Eyed For Downtown Site

OCEAN CITY — A major change to the downtown skyline inched closer to becoming reality this week after resort planners signed off on a heavily-conditioned zoning change for the historic Cropper concrete plant property to accommodate a vast hotel and restaurant complex.

After considerable debate about the potential impact on the neighborhood, the Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday voted to forward a favorable recommendation to the Mayor and Council for a zoning change for the historic George Burt Cropper concrete plant along the bay just north of the Route 50 Bridge and just south of 1st Street.

Attorney Joe Moore, representing Ropewalk Bel Air Properties LLC, which has a contract to purchase the property, presented a request for a zoning change of the property from M-1 manufacturing to Inlet-1, or I-1, a fairly unique zoning designation reserved for a handful of properties along the downtown waterfront.

Moore told resort planners the conceptual plan for the redevelopment includes a mixed-use facility including another location for the popular Ropewalk restaurant along with a hotel situated on the north end of the property. Moore said the site, which is situated prominently along the main entrance to the resort at Route 50, might be the largest undeveloped commercial property in the resort.



Anonymous said...

guess they'll never build that new bridge now!

Anonymous said...

Croppers should of never closed. Once he passed away the only thing his daughter cared about was making a ton of money off of the property. She thought she had it sold years ago sonl she closed up the plant and moved it to Bishopville, the deal feel.through and she was so in debt had to close up for good. My grandfather was the mechanic there for many many years it's ashame all the good employee's that lost their job to gwr greed.

Anonymous said...

Still need a new bridge and pronto! Lipstick/pig gimmicks are exhausted and MD SHA needs to reprioritize. However, City Hall wants MD SHA to move up the expansion of the route 90 bridge ahead of route 50.

New establishment at the foot of the Route 50 bridge; Marriott is almost finished with their hotel at the foot of the route 90 bridge. Build, build, build, then worry about roads.

Ponderous man...friggin ponderous!!!