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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dining Tip Of The Month

When you are truly looking for a great place to enjoy a great lunch or dinner, visit and find the Martin Fish Co. restaurant in West Ocean City.

I've kept this a secret for far too long. This is one of those places you would NEVER expect to not only be there, it's so hidden and rustic, most wouldn't know where it is. 

Rt. 50 to Golf Course Road SOUTH. Follow Golf Course Road to the end where it turns left onto Harbor Road. Captain's Galley will be on your left. Keep going almost to the very end and you will find Martin's on your left. 

They are also a fresh seafood market but have a dining area in the back directly on the Harbor. The image above was their Mahi/Tuna Taco lunch special for $6.50. 


Anonymous said...

My mother, who lives in Ocean Pines, swears by this place. She will be 82 years young next month and will only get her seafood from here. She orders it and then picks it up and it is so fresh! We just had some amazing scallops last week that she purchased from Martins which she made with linguine. Excellent! She will only get her salmon from here as well. I have never personally been there myself but I have tried their seafood and it is excellent. Plus, how can you not trust mom?

Anonymous said...

Noooooo. Don't tell anyone! Lol. Seriously it's really a great spot.

Anonymous said...

Had lunch there just last week with a friend. The fish tacos were excellent! And so was the service - those glasses never got empty.

Anonymous said...

Joe, way to go :-(, you are now going to make one of our favorite places be too overwhelmed to handle the crowds. Why didn't you tell everyone about Hooters in West OC??? In all fairness, Martin's DOES a great job in providing a great variety of what the local seafood has to offer. Wishing them superb success!