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Thursday, June 16, 2016

By The Numbers

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Anonymous said...

That guy is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

This math is so far off that it isn't worth the post. I'm an average joe so my story should be in line with many. While serving Active Duty full time and going to school full time at the same time by taking remote courses, I ended up being medically retired from an injury that landed me in the hospital for long periods of time. I got well enough to get back into school, got a job in corrections for the local government until I got my business off the ground and am still considered retired. My point is that we don't all fit into one category at a time; some of us wear many hats.

Anonymous said...

Good for you.
The post is about the average person.

Anonymous said...

12:38 Jesus man . It was a joke! And a funny on at that! What was your point with all the crap you wrote? I don't wanna go at it with you or I'd call you out on your bull. Medically retired. Discharged is the word people not stealing valor use.