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Thursday, June 16, 2016

WCSO Press Release 6-16-16

Townsend, Xavier
Incident: Disorderly Conduct / Resisting Arrest
Date of Incident: 14 June 2016
Location: 300 block of Whitman Avenue, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Xavier Arlie Townsend, 19, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 14 June 2016 at 5:32 PM a deputy responded to a reported altercation at a residence in the 300 block of Whitman Avenue is Salisbury. A resident at this location, Xavier Townsend, was engaged in a loud and tumultuous argument with family members that turned physical. Townsend began assaulting another family member while yelling profanities loudly and disturbing a normally quiet neighborhood.
The deputy attempted to place Townsend under arrest but he resisted the deputy’s efforts while yelling “Yo get off me…Get the (expletive) off me (expletive) (expletive).” The deputy suffered a knee injury and had his uniform ripped during the arrest of Townsend. T
he deputy managed to restrain Townsend and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Townsend in the Detention Center in lieu of $25,000.00 bond.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct.

Fires, David and Campbell, Edward
Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 14 June 2016
Location: 500 block of Atlantic Avenue, Salisbury, MD
David Matthew Fries, 21, Salisbury, MD
Edward Lemar Campbell, 32, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 14 June 2016 at 8:29 PM a deputy responded to a reported disturbance at a residence in the 500 block of Atlantic Avenue. Upon arrival, the deputy discovered that two male subjects that resided there engaged in an argument that escalated to a physical altercation. The deputy met with both subjects, David Fries and Edward Campbell and subsequently arrested both for a mutual assault on each other.
The deputy transported both Fries and Campbell to the Central Booking Unit where they were processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released both on Personal Recognizance.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree

McGovern, Alexander and Kokinakis, Kristos
Incident: Possession of Cocaine
Date of Incident: 14 June 2016
Location: E/B Rt. 50 at Hobbs Road, Salisbury, MD
Alexander Michael McGovern, 19, Phoenix, MD
Kristos Wilcke Kokinakis, 19, Phoenix, MD
Narrative: On 14 June 2016 at 11:10 PM, a Jeep operated by Alexander McGovern of Phoenix, MD was stopped for speeding and driving erratically on Rt. 50. Upon approach to the vehicle, a 30 pack of Natural Light beer was observed in plain view. After also observing bottles of liquor in plain view and determining that both the driver and the passenger were under 21, a further search of the vehicle was undertaken. Located in the center console was a rolled up $20 bill and a baggie of what would be identified as cocaine.
During the subsequent investigation, the driver Alexander McGovern, admitted to ingesting a “couple of lines” referring to cocaine prior to being stopped.
The cocaine seized from the vehicle was in an amount greater than what would be considered personal use and was determined to be destined for distribution upon reaching the beach.
Both McGovern and Kokinakis were placed under arrest and transported to the Central Booking Unit where they were processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, both were held on bond in the Detention Center, McGovern on $15,000.00 bond and Kokinakis on $10,000.00 bond.
Charges: Possession of Cocaine with the Intent to Distribute, Driving under the Influence of Drugs (McGovern), Driving Under the Influence of a Controlled Dangerous Substance (McGovern)


Anonymous said...

Sooooo! A deputy arrested two for mutual assault? More wrongful arrests! More ignorance of the law from someone who should know the law! In Maryland two people can mutually fight between themselves. It's called mutual combat law. Hope Luke Rommel takes this one. He is the only one who seems to put these cops in check! These two men are gonna be paid!

Anonymous said...

so these arrests were made by wicomico sheriffs deputies in salisbury. Please do tell what does SPD do for salisbury?
Not much huh babs?

Anonymous said...

In the state of Maryland, if two people reside together it is considered domestic related. If there are signs of injury and law enforcement can not determine the aggressor, than an arrest can be made. So maybe 12:11 should brush up on their knowledge of criminal law.

Anonymous said...

Domestic violence automatically trumps the mutual combat law. your correct. However.... two men or women of no relation residing in a house as room mates are able to fight mutually according to law. Just as their rooms are considered separate living areas and would need separate search warrants if it was necessary. And one room mate can not give permission to search the others room either. this effectively separates them from domestic violence laws. When men and women are living together domestic violence laws automatically take place to protect the woman. My knowledge of criminal law is just fine there buddy!

Anonymous said...

Evidently it is not. When it pertains to domestic violence, the laws states cohabitants of the same residence regardless of sex or intimate relationship, if there are physical signs of injury, and reported to law enforcement within 48 hours of the assault occurring an arrest can be made. it falls under the warrantless arrest section of the criminal digest. But you are correct about one roommate giving permission to search another's room buddy.

Anonymous said...

8:02 wins and the law states shall not may make arrest. So the police have to arrest in these situations buddy lol