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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Sobriety Checkpoint

Date and Time: 05/06/2016 from 2200 to 0200 hours
Location: Rt 50 WB and Hall Rd, Worcester County, MD


Katie Marie Jones a 25 year old female from Berlin, MD – DUI

Jose Mejia-Osorio a 41 year old male from Georgetown, DE – DUI

Rebecca Marie Schmidt-Boyd a 23 year old female from Salisbury, MD – DUI, Marijuana Poss

The Maryland State Police Berlin Barrack, along with Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, Berlin Police Department and the Maryland State Highway Administration conducted a Sobriety Checkpoint on Rt 50 WB and Hall Rd, Worcester County, MD. The Checkpoint was a direct effort by Law Enforcement to identify impaired drivers and remove them from the roadways. The result of these actions reduce the amount of alcohol related collisions.

The efforts of the Checkpoint checked 460 vehicles during the operation. Out of those vehicles, five were removed for Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. Three were arrested for DUI and one was charged for possession of Marijuana under 10 Grams.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the marijuana possession, is being charged the same as being cited?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

soooo...460 veh {but likely more than 1 person per veh} all these constitutional rights were violated to catch 4 law breakers. And how much grant money {were all aware the state and fed pay extra for this exercise}did the participating depts receive for doing these constitutional violations?

Anonymous said...

How do you figure? Violate rights by stopping everyone instead of active patrols? How about go out there and be cops instead of nazi government agents.

lmclain said...

The 4TH Amendment.

The police stop and search you because they think you are guilty. You get to leave only after you PROVE YOURSELF INNOCENT.
I'm sure the Founding Fathers LOVED the idea of searching 450+ innocent citizens (by ARMED men) to catch THREE of the intended targets. THREE.


If anyone doesn't think that one day we will see "random" unannounced, warrant-less neighborhood house "checks", then you are delusional.
It won't matter whether or not you are doing anything wrong because THEY decide what is wrong, and besides, all those drivers we stopped and searched weren't doing anything wrong, either, and you didn't say anything then.
And no matter how insulted or offended you are when they burst into your bedroom, remember, "if you aren't doing anything wrong, don't worry"
Also remember --- aim for the head.
Keep cheering.