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Saturday, May 07, 2016

A Viewer Writes: Taxi Etc. Deserves Free Advertising

These pictures were taken at the KFC/Taco Bell on Route 50 in Salisbury. A cab pulled up and parked in a the middle of a handicap spot. A guy jumped out of the passenger side and ran into the store to pick get dinner. 

If you notice in the picture there is an empty regular parking spot on the right. There were actually two spots on the right but the picture only shows one. 

The name of the company is Taxi Etc.


Anonymous said...

Many taxi drivers never follow the rules. Speed and run red lights. I would not expect any less in the parking lot. Interesting I have never witnessed a taxi pulled over by the police.

Anonymous said...

Funny..i saw the same cab company doing same thing last week at the rt.13 taco bell. Maroon van tho I think

Anonymous said...

Joe -

Doesn't surprise me. It's incredible the inconsideration of drivers these days - tailgating, texting, talking on cellphone, parking in fire lanes, etc. But I have it all on my dashcam. I'll send you the clips - you'll be flabbergasted at the stupid things people do in their cars that threaten public safety. Let me know. It might create awareness and save lives.

Anonymous said...

Had one on my rear bumper yesterday. It was a black and orange Crown Vic with City Cab on the roof light. I felt like getting stupid, but there you go, law would be on the cab drivers side.