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Saturday, May 07, 2016

ConnectUSby Wins Inaugural "Mayor's Prize" for Start-Up Businesses


Salisbury - Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that ConnectUSby has been selected as the recipient of the first ever Mayor's Prize. This new award, given as part of Salisbury University’s Richard Bernstein Achievement Award for Excellence business plan competition, recognizes unique and innovative start­-ups which would benefit from headquartering their operations in Salisbury.

ConnectUSby’s model of attracting SU students and community members to the events that they host has made them one of the early key players in the Downtown renaissance. By bringing the community together with Downtown businesses, ConnectUSby are creating an investment model that is as unique as it is effective. Their stated mission is to make Salisbury nothing less than the best place on the planet to live.

"We want the business that are grown here to stay right here," said Mayor Day. "With ConnectUSby, we have a business, dreamed up by an SU student, which has already proven to be fully invested in the success of Downtown. They're eager, they're committed, and they're a perfect example of the kind of positive energy we want to make sure we're not letting slip away from us. With the upcoming 5GB fiber-optic high-speed internet in Downtown Salisbury and a variety of tax credits, spanning Advanced IT Infrastructure to Job Creation, and Homeownership financial incentives, we've got the goods to offer. Salisbury is THE place to do business."

As Mayor's Award recipients, ConnectUSBY will receive a one-time, forgivable loan of $2,000, contingent upon them headquartering their business in Salisbury. They will be offered physical working space and in-kind consulting opportunities with the Business Development Specialist, City solicitor, and the Mayor.

To learn more about ConnectUSby, go to, or find them on Facebook at


Anonymous said...

And is Jake Day and the council going to warm up to other businesses that have tried to come here like Cracker Barrel, and anger the good ole boys who have restaurants that don't want the competition and lower prices? Man up Jake.

Anonymous said...

No comment on the attack at Parkside Mr. Mayor?