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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Obama vs. the FBI?

As the FBI continues to investigate Hillary Clinton’s illicit private server, speculation grows as to whether the agency will recommend a criminal indictment, and whether the Obama administration’s Justice Department will follow such a recommendation.

If the FBI recommends an indictment, and the Justice Department refuses, it may not be the last we hear of the issue, a senior senator speculates.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Friday that FBI investigators could leak details of their probe into Hillary Clinton's emails, though he stopped short of saying they should.

"Is there going to be political interference? If there's enough evidence to prosecute, will there be political interference?" Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, asked in remarks delivered before the Des Moines A.M. Rotary club.

"If there's political interference, then I assume that somebody in the FBI is going to leak these reports and it's either going to have an effect politically or it's going to lead to prosecution if there's enough evidence."

Source: AAN


Anonymous said...

Leak it already obama has stonewalled this fisaco long enough..its time for a hanging from this inept, pittiful, sorry administration. where is the media???

Anonymous said...

Um the "media" normally seen on broadcast television is controlled by the ones you don't like anyway. So much dirt covers up what really goes on. She should have been behind bars YEARS AGO for the things she's been involved with.

Steve said...

The FBI, if they are worth their salt, should be charging Obama and Holder as well.

But, they're not.