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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Councilman Brandon Scott Decries Hogan's "Disrespectful" Remarks On Baltimore Violence

Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott took exception Tuesday to something Gov. Larry Hogan said about Baltimore in a visit to C4's show Tuesday.

Asked about his reaction to the city's homicide rate, Hogan discussed gang violence and the city's drug problem, then discussed the protesters following the death of Freddie Gray.

"I express my concern that we have a lot of people out there expressing their concern and frustration over the tragic death of Freddie Gray, but where's the uproar in the community, where's the frustration over the 300 people murdered?"

Baltimore's homicide rate Wednesday stood at 328. Scott, however, quickly responded on Twitter with a picture of a demonstration at Penn-North that he said was taken several days after Gray died. Several dozen people held signs saying, "We must stop killing each other."



Anonymous said...

then they need to act like they are equally important.
Hogan is right on target

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Hogan didn't notice the signs at the time and spoke too soon.

Pass the ammo...

mike miller said...

Actions speak stronger than words.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is a lost cause. We need to find a way to level half the city and start over.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says crime is under control better than city council (Brandon Scott!) posing for pictures with gang members. Why don't we try that again?

Summary of Mayoral race 2016: different candidates, same failed policies. When is change not really change?

The quicker Baltimore goes into bankruptcy, the quicker Baltimore can get rid of the unfunded debt and structural deficit choking the city, cut taxes, and improve city services. The quicker Baltimore adopts policies to encourage charter schools, the quicker people will have an actual reason to move to the city, expanding the tax base.

But, based on city council posing with gang members, the criminals are in charge, and why would they give that up?

Anonymous said...

Scott is a failure - the fact that you have "thousands" protesting Gray and Baltimore City just had it's highest murder rate ever is clear cut proof that the movement lacks real leadership...of course being a Baltimore City politician he would have no clue what real leadership looks like

Anonymous said...

Scott needs to get down off his soapbox--he sounds like a carnival barker at the MD State Fair. As for not proposing any solutions, I commend the Honorable Governor Hogan for not having any, as he'd be sending more of our tax dollars into the proverbial crap hole. Let the city continue to rot and crumble until it can get some real leadership that will ELIMINATE the entitlements.

Anonymous said...

Hogan speaks the truth!!!!!!! Freddie Gray's death was very unfortunate, but it didn't give the Mayor of Baltimore and the rioting the right to destroy, burn, or increase the already existing violence there.

This was used as an opportunity to rob drugs from a pharmacy! And it also exposed the corrupted politicians of Baltimore and their inadequacy to do what is best for that city!

Trust me, this was EXPOSED TO THE WORLD!!!!!!! QUIT using this is an excuse to destroy and commit murders!

Facts are facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else out there just look at this whole situation and say WTF. Really this guy Freddie gray was arrested, was a drug dealer, has a history and all we are doing is wasting our time and money on this. twenty years ago this just would not have happened

Anonymous said...

It's "disrespectful" to bring up inconvenient and uncomfortable truths, according to him.

I'd say luring a kid down a back alley and murdering him in cold blood out of gang related revenge, is significantly more disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

We all know who commits most of the crime in our urban communities. Containment is the only way to combat this never ending story. Urban "culture" is just that and will never cease to exist. Either pay up for a good location or wait for it to arrive on your doorstep.