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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christian Social Media Group Uses YouTube to Counter ISIS’ Jihadist Message

(CNSNews) – A Los-Angeles based social media group is using YouTube to give a voice to the victims of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and counter its jihadist message with the Christian message of redemption.

The Nine: Overcoming ISIS – the latest video produced by Mighty.LA in conjunction with the mission groupMore International- features testimony by nine Iraqi Christians who were part of more than a half million people who fled from their homes and businesses in Mosul after the ISIS invasion on June 9, 2014.

“We left everything behind and fled,” one woman recounts.

“During this time I was very scared, because it was a life or death situation,” another Christian refugee says. ”Because 20 days earlier, I had seen dead bodies in the street. Bodies that were burned or beheaded. I thought that I would end up like them.”

But dying was “better than abandoning my religion to become Muslim,” said a Christian man, his voice cracking with emotion.

“We are now carrying the cross. And following Jesus,” one of the nine added.

“You feel joy when you are being persecuted for Christ…I tell myself that I’m not even worthy to be persecuted for Christ,” his fellow refugee says.

“They are people just like me, but Satan controls them… In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray their minds and their hearts would change,” another Iraqi Christian says.



Anonymous said...

Good for them!

Although I think videos showing ex-Muslim atheists would be more effective.

"Allah doesn't exist. Seriously. If he really wanted all those Jews and infidels killed, don't you think he would come down here and start wiping them out himself? Life's been better since I dropped the jihad like a hot camel turd."

"You believe there's 72 servants, or virgins if you bought that version, waiting to serve you after death? Nope. It's a lie."

"Now I can have bacon and Budweiser for breakfast if I want. All day long. Mazel Tov!"

Anonymous said...

"Now I can have bacon and Budweiser for breakfast if I want. All day long. Mazel Tov!"
1:13 PM - 3 Humor Points awarded!!!