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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Md. lawmakers call for changes to drunk driving laws in wake of officer’s death

WASHINGTON — A Maryland state senator says an angry police chief’s words over the death of one of his officers are a “wake up call” for lawmakers.

Maryland State Sen. Brian Feldman says residents can expect lawmakers to return to Annapolis to make some changes to drunk driving laws after the death of Montgomery County police officer Noah Leotta.

The 24-year-old officer died last week after he was hit by a car during a traffic stop on Rockville Pike. Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger said the driver who hit Leotta had smoked marijuana and been drinking for hours before the crash.

“There’s going to be a lot of discussion on a lot of topics related to drunk driving,” said Feldman.



Anonymous said...

Approximately 10,000 alcohol related traffic fatalities per year in the US. Now that a cop is killed, the "police state" has to really crack down on the rest of us.

Why is it that law enforcement officers believe that their lives are more important than everybody elses?

Anonymous said...

This can go around and around, but in the end, people will drink and drive, and those people will be involved in crashes and vehicular assault that is related to that drinking.
How do we separate drinking from driving? Stern warnings and sad stories are not effective.

Anonymous said...

new laws do not change a thing

Anonymous said...

what are the details of the cop being hit? where was he located, what measures did he take to protect himself from traffic, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Ban booze. That simple

Anonymous said...

notice the deflection to another incident - I am still waiting to be told the perpetrator was a Republican American citizen with a $1M auto insurance policy

Anonymous said...

Easy way to stop most of this crap.

Outlaw cold beer sales, and single can sales.

1st. offense, actual 90 days in jail, no work release, no weekends, and name, photo, on the local news, and in your yard, a sign saying you are a drunk driver!

2nd. offense, 1 year in jail, no work release, no weekends, and $5,000. fine.

3rd. offense 5 years in prison, $10,000 fine.

4th. offense Life in prison.

Anonymous said...

Maryland laws are pretty strict on this now, how much worse can they make it?

Anonymous said...

Lmao. Get outta here. Cops are some of the biggest offenders. Didnt a cop get killed drunk and chasing a guy last year? And then a month later a drunk cop went the wrong way on a ramp and killed two people. Bit hey..... Gotta get real tough now. The thin blue lines been crossed!

Anonymous said...

It's about time, after all it does fit the definition of crime.

Anonymous said...

Twenty-five years ago, the national number of alcohol related traffic fatalities was over 25,000 per year, so something must be improving.
But not enough.

Anonymous said...

452 nope.

Steve's Leavin's said...

If the trooper stepped into the line of traffic, a totally sober driver could have hit him. Funny the story never announces a blood alcohol level in the driver. DUI will be happening in 3047! Maybe a ban on cars will help?

You can't fix stupid, on either party's part.

RIP, Leotta.