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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Faculty Vote No Confidence at Ithaca, Chico State

Faculty members on two campuses voted no confidence in administrators in recent days. Saying it opposed President Tom Rochon’s “autocratic” leadership style, the Ithaca College Faculty Council released the results of its faculty vote on Monday. Some 78 percent of voting, full-time continuing faculty expressed no confidence in their leader. The turnout rate was 87 percent.

“The number of faculty voters and the strength of its mandate are the culmination of months of deeply reflective, highly intellectual dialogue and organizing,” Mary Bentley, associate professor of health promotion and physical education, said in a statement. The vote is a “clear call to action for the college’s Board of Trustees to remove this president.”

Asma Barlas, a professor of politics at Ithaca, said Rochon’s troubles have been exacerbated by the recent student protests on campus regarding the racial climate. The president’s “so-called solutions to the current crisis have been too little, too late and hence, hopelessly ineffectual,” she said.



Anonymous said...

Hard to tell what problems challenge each of these colleges from the story. He said-she said is not responsible reporting.

Anonymous said...

Seems the only REAL problems are caused by paid "social agitators" who convince the students their more-than-equal opportunity for a college education, somehow entitles them to make outlandish and pointless demands for overt recognition of black "supremacy".

News flash, "African Studies" majors...

Equality is here to stay. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see the PHD maroons being feasted upon by their prodigy.