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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Obama Comes Under Criticism From Dems Over Paris Rhetoric

President Obama is coming under criticism from some in his own party over his comments Monday about last week's terrorist attacks in Paris.

Influential liberal columnists and Democratic strategists say Obama came off as condescending and scornful during his press conference in Antalya, Turkey — missing an opportunity to show strength and leadership in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“I don’t want him shooting from the hip and making empty threats, but I think he could have done a better job in articulating the anger that many people feel toward what happened in not only Paris but Beirut as well,” said Democratic strategist Jim Manley, a former adviser to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

“What happened in Paris and in Beirut is going to require an aggressive response.”

Those comments echoed Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson’s assessment that Obama’s tone “was all wrong” in addressing the Paris attacks.

Typically an Obama ally, Robinson in a column published on Tuesday wrote that “at times he was patronizing, at other times he seemed annoyed and almost dismissive.”

“That’s not the tone you want to strike to the public, that’s not the tone you want to send to our allies and enemies,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon.

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Anonymous said...

The democrats are full of hot air. The only enemies they have are conservatives. The only reason they are upset is because Obama's childish behavior cannot be ignored by their constituency any longer and some are starting to take note. Obama's ignorance unleashed will make for a win for any republican candidate in 2016. Of course, that is if there is anything left by that time.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how democrats can still support that muslim traitor. He's destroying the country and they know it. Why the hell don't they speak up and reject his stupid BS, they would certainly gain a lot of respect from the american people.