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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Maryland agency has concerns over plan to create 1,000 hospital jobs

A $40 million hospital jobs plan took a hit Wednesday when the state agency in charge of approving the program reviewed three staff recommendations, none of which would grant the full funding request.

Maryland hospitals in September proposed a plan to create 1,000 jobs for low-income residents, paid for through a quarter-percent increase to hospital rates paid by private insurers, Medicare, Medicaid and uninsured individuals. Staff of the state's hospital rate-setting agency, which would need to approve the plan, said in a review and recommendation that the idea of creating jobs builds on the commission’s work to improve public health. But the staff expressed concern about whether the hospitals’ proposal stretched the rate-setting agency’s authority.

“All parties have acknowledged the importance of jobs in reducing economic disparities,” staff wrote in their report for the Health Services Cost Review Commission. “However, there are critical differences in thinking about how creating job opportunities should be addressed and who should provide the funding for job creation.”



Anonymous said...

Got to come up with something for those Syrian's to do.

Anonymous said...

Why should private insurers have to pay an increase so low-income can possibly get a job? Why can't the low-income persons apply for a job, work at it and do a good job, get pay increases, and move on up the ladder just like everyone else? This is reverse discrimination.

Anonymous said...

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Steve said...

Why is there even a "need" to "create jobs" anywhere????

Either you need help or you don't.

Who is running your "business" that requires someone to decide that jobs need to be "created"?

I run my own business, and there are jobs that need to be filled because of my customer response. I have never "created" any of my worker's jobs, they have all been hired on the traffic needs of the business I've created.

Please educate me on this new concept.