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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Obama, The JV Commander in Chief

Two days after Barack Obama’s UN confab talkathon with Vladimir Putin, Russia attacked U.S.-backed forces in Syria.

On Wednesday, a Russian general dropped in at our embassy in Baghdad and issued a démarche (a diplomatic slap down) summarily demanding that U.S. personnel and aircraft get out of Syria because Russia would begin airstrikes in an hour.

And Russia did just that — not against Islamic State adversaries but against the dwindling U.S.-backed Syrian militias attempting to topple the tyrannical Russian client state regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Unlike Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, his actions in Syria put Russian and U.S. military forces on a collision course for direct combat.

Of course, Putin knows that Obama will back down.

According to retired General Jack Keane, former Army Vice Chief of Staff, “Once again, Putin, who’s economy is in the tank and who’s military is no match for the United States … has outmaneuvered and out-bluffed [Obama]. He knows that [Obama] will do nothing but verbal condemnation. What he is counting on is [Obama’s] predictable fear of escalation and fear of confrontation. This is a game changer, this is significant because Putin is changing … the strategic balance of power.”

Indeed he is.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton stated succinctly, “[Putin] is bidding for dominance in the Middle East and he thinks he can prevail because he [faces] a weak and feckless occupant in the White House.”



Anonymous said...

You must understand Obama and his culture , he has to have support in numbers , his staff will not support any engagement because they are afraid. All people of his culture will only respond if they have enough numbers , example: if they have to fight one person , they need at least 6 others to help them. This has existed for 35,000 years.
We as a country call this a chicken $hit leader.

Anonymous said...

This take on things will seriously hold the new presidents' feet to the fire,whoever he/she may be.During the current campaign the promises will increase and Obama will continue to get slammed.It has turned into a contest of who can slam him the hardest,with Trump arguably leading the assault.If the new president cannot at least begin to fix things,that person should voluntarily step down after their 1st term.Is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

Back to the bench, Barry.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, if the girls in the pentagon don't handle it Barry will talk them to death!

Anonymous said...

I have been hoping for a new leader , I mean now , in case something would happen to satan .

Anonymous said...

Obama = WWIII