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Saturday, October 03, 2015

More players die in high school football each year than at any other level of the game

Los Angeles (AFP) - A spate of tragic fatalities has underscored long-running concerns over safety standards in high-school American football, where more players die each year than at any other level of the game.

Evan Murray, a 17-year-old quarterback at Warren Hills Regional High School in New Jersey, became the third player to die in as many weeks after suffering a lacerated spleen in a game last Friday.

On September 5, 16-year-old Tyrell Cameron died after sustaining a neck injury during a punt return in a game for Franklin Parish High in Louisiana.



Anonymous said...

Sorry for the loss of life , it's a rough game , expect plenty of bumps and grinds.

Anonymous said...

Is is also has the most participation of any sport. Any death of a student athelete is tragic, but the odd of it happening to ur kid is small.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a pretty dumb game, given the risks.
Even with the high tech safety equipment developed over the last 20 years, most NFL players are ending up with brain and joint damage from the constant impact.
You say, "Oh, I'm tough. I can take it."
You just wait till you're 50 (if you live that long.)

Anonymous said...

all u need 2 do is play 1 season and youre set for life. their pensions r enormous.

lmclain said...

8:43 likes to play dominoes and canasta.

Anonymous said...

More people play football at the high school lrvel, and at a lower skill level. Maybe we should report this as deaths per participant.

Anonymous said...

As long as the NFL shows up as scheduled in my living room on Mondays,Thursdays and Sundays I'm pleased as punch,and I really don't care if one of the players robs a bank during the halftime.Tragedies happen all of the time and people continue to die,but when they die is up to God.

Anonymous said...

It is time this sport was banned, just like dog or cock fighting. We need to adopt the real skilled sport of real football which is called Soccer. A sport with real athletes not 400 pound idiots.