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Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Winning Issue for Republicans

With so much time spent and ink spilled over who will carry the banner for the GOP both in the presidential campaign and now for new House speaker, perhaps the real question is not who, but what is a winner. Some new survey data suggests an unorthodox issue might help Republicans attract voters who have been elusive to the center-right, and help the party re-establish its law-abiding, anti-crony moorings with its base.

The polling company, inc./WomanTrend added questions on behalf of Independent Women’s Voice to a nationwide omnibus survey of 1,015 American adults, conducted Oct. 1-4. The survey used live callers, and was composed of 50 percent landline interviews and 50 percent cellphone interviews.

You may recall that when Congress passed Obamacare, it required its members and their staffs to enroll in the health care exchanges just like any other American.

However, after Obamacare became law, members of Congress and their staffs were granted a special exemption from this requirement that does two things: It exempts some staff entirely, and it provides members and staff, regardless of income, with up to a 75 percent subsidy for their health insurance costs, something which would be illegal for any other American to receive or business to provide.

So we asked respondents if they thought that members of Congress and their staffs should be required to enroll in Obamacare?

A 70.7 percent majority of Americans say yes.



lmclain said...

Ask the rulers to obey the law they imposed upon the serfs???
Wake up now.
Two sets of laws.
They have padded their pockets, enriched their families, secured a royal future retirement, and violate the law with impunity and arrogance.
Every day.
And you can't stop cheering.
What THEY do on a daily basis would routinely land any of us, "we, the people", in PRISON. Say that to yourself again.
The Romans had something like this going on. So did the French, the English, the Russians, and a host of other cultures. They all ended up with a new government and the streets ran with the blood of the 1%, who thought they were invincible and all powerful.
Two sets of laws ALWAYS end up with the people taking back what was always theirs anyway.
Keep cheering.

lmclain said...

Ask the rulers to obey the laws they impose upon the serfs?
Two sets of laws. One for them and one for "we, the people".

lmclain said...

Joe...sorry about the double is a few keystrokes behind...