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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Obama hits Koch Brothers for opposing solar power

President Obama made a political and an economic case for solar energy Monday, telling an industry summit in Las Vegas that the explosive growth in solar power "has some big fossil fuel interests pretty nervous."

"Now, it's one thing if you're consistent in being free market. It's another thing when you're free market until it's solar that's working and people want to buy and suddenly you're not for it any more," he said.

"When you start seeing massive lobbying efforts backed by fossil fuel interests, or conservative think tanks, or the Koch brothers pushing for new laws to roll back renewable energy standards, or to prevent new clean energy businesses from succeeding, that's s problem," Obama said, singling out industrialists Charles and David Koch for the first time in a climate speech.



Anonymous said...

Obviously Obama has never done the 20 year business plan on solar panels. It never gets up to break even.

Anonymous said...

Barry's boy George Soros is now backing clean coal. Ouch! What's a moronic liberal to do?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Obama deserves a trial followed by a hanging.