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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hillary’s email defense is ‘total Bull****’: former State Dept. officials

Many people don’t by Hillary Clinton’s claim that she couldn’t tell if classified emails were classified or not. Among them? Former State Department security officials

Former State Department security officials don’t buy Hillary Clinton’s latest alibi that she couldn’t tell that government emails — which she improperly, if not illegally, kept for several years on an unsecured home server — contained top-secret information because they lacked official markings and weren’t classified until later.

Such messages contain sensitive “keywords” distinguishing them from unclassified information, even if the material didn’t bear a classified heading as she claims.

The secretary would have known better, the department ­officials say, because she was trained to understand the difference when she was “read in” on procedures to ID and handle classified information by diplomatic security officials in 2009.

She was even reminded about returning “all classified documents, including ones in which the classification status is ‘uncertain,'” before she left. I’m sure she’ll have a new excuse by the end of the day.



Anonymous said...

Well, so much for being the world's smartest woman.

Anonymous said...

And why isn't this felon in jail yet!!??

Anonymous said...

Her claims are indefensible.
After eight years as FLOTUS, eight years as a Senator from New York and however many years as Secretary of State, she's well-versed in what information is or could be sensitive to the security of this nation. But she CHOSE to put that information at risk. No protest of naivete or effective self-regulating of information that was the Nation's, not hers, is valid.
Appointing her as Secretary of State was a huge mistake by the Obama administration. We'll probably never know what wheeling and dealing she did to feather her own nest while in that high position, or readily know what damage she did to our national security.
It was voluntary and in direct opposition to and violation of the practices set forth for using acceptable and required safeguards to protect us and our nation.

Anonymous said...

If she could not tell if an e-mail was classified she had no business in the job!!

Anonymous said...

yeah... just like "i didn't inhale" and "i did not have sexual relations with that woman"

Anonymous said...

She must leave the political arena, never to return.
She should stand in the minds of every American for generations to come as the bad example that she is: a shakedown artist, liar, poseur, thief, murderess and probable traitor.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised she has not dropped out yet. Down with Hilary in 2016. Its not business as usual in DC once trump gets elected.