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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another EPA disaster, this time in rural Georgia

Still reeling from a disaster it created at a Colorado gold mine, the EPA has so far avoided criticism for a similar toxic waste spill in Georgia.

In Greensboro, EPA-funded contractors grading a toxic 19th-century cotton mill site struck a water main, sending the deadly sediment into a nearby creek. Though that accident took place five months ago, the hazard continues as heavy storms — one hit the area Tuesday — wash more soil into the creek.

The sediment flows carry dangerous mercury, lead, arsenic and chromium downstream to Lake Oconee and then to the Oconee River — home to many federally and state protected species.

Lead in the soil at the project site is 20,000 times higher than federal levels established for drinking water, said microbiologist Dave Lewis, who was a top-level scientist during 31 years at the Environmental Protection Agency.



Anonymous said...

Abolish this incompetent and corrupt extension of the Obama regime. EPA needs to be changed to EDA, Environmental Destruction Agency.

Anonymous said...

Top story earlier today on huffington post was about Dupont causing a continuing DISASTER potentially all over the world for over 50 years. From a by-product of teflon production that causes cancer and other disease in adults and birthdefects and miscarriages in pregnant woman. Long story short the EPA was brought in multiply times, could have intervened 30 years ago, but they let Dupont play them like a fiddle.
If their not doing there job fire them. Fire the whole EPA.
Cut off the damn works and put a hault on every last one of these chemicals until we can figure out how to do it without poisoning the f###ing earth.
All of you talk so proud about your libery and independence, so you better get on board with environmentalism. Because allowing jobs numbers and stock prices dictate how we treat this planet you will be selling your children and your children's children into slavery.

When you are completely dependent on the government for clean, non-toxic food and water, THEY WILL OWN YOUR @$$!!