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Thursday, August 27, 2015

More Than 253 Corrections Employees Arrested Since 2013

The head of Maryland's corrections department says more than 253 department employees have been arrested since January 2013, and more than 200 of them are still employed.

Stephen Moyer told state officials Wednesday the department lacks administrative measures needed to prevent people with some "pretty outrageous" charges from working in the department, which has about 11,000 employees.

Moyer urged the Board of Public Works to eliminate 63 human resources jobs in the department and reorganize the division to make it more centralized.

The board ended up deferring the request to study ways to accommodate employees slated to lose their jobs who do not face charges.



Anonymous said...

This sounds like the union has a choke hold on the process.

Anonymous said...

Not much difference these days in the big house between the people on either side of the cages.

Anonymous said...

Clean house Gov. Hogan. I'm guessing lots of owemalley affirmative action hires?

Anonymous said...

Put military personnel in charge of prisons.

Anonymous said...

Criminals watching criminals. Prison and Jail is no longer a punishment, it's a vacation for professional criminals. This country has no standards of conduct and punishment. The justice system looks the other way, and could care less.

Anonymous said...

Real nice comments from the uninformed.

Think about this. Is the reason that 253 people have been arrested because these people are all criminals? Or is the real reason because so many B.S. laws have been passed we are all on the brink of being criminals for one reason or another.

Use your brains for something besides occupying space between your ears.