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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Give Up Already: Almost Half Of Americans Say Hillary Should Halt Presidential Campaign

One in four Democrats believe Clinton is done

As she faces possible criminal charges and even prison time, almost half of Americans surveyed believe that Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign is done, and that she should quit now.

The findings come from a Rasmussen poll released today, showing that 46 percent of Likely U.S. Voters believe Clinton should suspend her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination until the legal implications of her use of a private e-mail server while Secretary of State are resolved.

The survey reveals that even a quarter of Democrats think Hillary is done.



Anonymous said...

I hope she goes to prison just before the election......the dumbocrats won't know who to vote for - and may not vote.....

Anonymous said...

Most likely the nearly 50% of the country that are Republican.

Anonymous said...

Like she ever really listens.

Anonymous said...

Time to go back home and cuddle up with Bubba. And don't forget there is that cookie baking you talked about in your last campaign before this one. For a side job you could get a cleaning job specializing in cleaning servers (if you get to stay out of prison).

Anonymous said...

She actually has been granted immunity if she drops out,but that has not been made public.Her fear now is that IF she drops out everyone would eventually learn WHY she dropped out and assume that as an admission of guilt.In other words she is in a very precarious predicament that gives her 2 choices:#1-Continue and risk the likelihood of losing the Democratic nomination and the Presidency,and #2-Dropping out and remaining a free woman.My guess is that she'll pick #2 when the polls eliminate her chances.