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Friday, June 12, 2015

Meaning of American Pie by Don McLean


Anonymous said...

At 1:08 it says the three that died and says one was Big Booper and that is wrong it should say Big Bopper.

Anonymous said...

Yeah..why don't you call Don and tell him he got it wrong.

David Snyder said...

I got to see Don McLean. Where you ask? Right here in my hometown Salisbury Maryland at Salisbury State College the year January 1972. DON McLEAN IN SALISBURY. This popular singer, who has gained national prominence through his recent record, "American Pie" gave a well-received concert at Salisbury State College. 'American Pie his Biggest Hit As Crowds Cheer STEREO sets in dormitory rooms at Salisbury State College continue to belt out the songs of popular singer Don McLean. More often than the others is the disc "American Pie" which skyr"cked him into national prominence. This new star of contemporary music appeared in a concert at the College Thursday. Every available seat in the auditorium was filled. Many persons had to be turned away at the door, in a performance that was given primarily for college students. The place seats about 800. Mr. McLean sang almost all his own songs. "Ninety per cent of my programs are my own compositions," he said later. "If I've got something to say to the kids, what better way to do it than through my own words." He sang continuously for almost 90 minutes,