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Friday, June 12, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Iowa Republican Party cancels presidential straw poll

The Iowa Republican Party has canceled its presidential candidate straw poll -- scheduled for August 8 -- a decade-old precursor to the Iowa Caucuses.



Anonymous said...

I guess they could not find enough RINO'S to support.

Anonymous said...

actually 10:54 Iowa is a joke. it's about organization many Democrats jump the pool fence and participate in both the Straw Poll and the Caucus. Usually they burn the people in their own party too

Anonymous said...

Bachmann won the last one, guess that was the kiss of death.

Anonymous said...

12:12 I agree it was the kiss of death for Bachmann because Jimmy Fallon and all of the usual suspects started taking bigoted pot shots at her as soon as she was deemed viable... the Axelrod way

and way after it no longer mattered The Iowa caucus was stolen from Ron Paul and Romney admitted it that the other scourge Karl Rove made sure of that.

Anonymous said...

The plan is cancel any vote that would be won by someone they don't own. Like when they canceled the voting of three counties in Maine for snow. I lived in Maine. They cancel NOTHING for snow! If they did the state would be closed half the year. It was done, successfully I may ad, to keep three strong Ron Paul districts from being counted costing him the state and breaking the huge momentum his campaign was gaining. I'm registered republican, but not stupid enough to be allegiant to a party who doesn't care what it's members think. (Dems are just as bad, but better at hiding it BC of their media control).