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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Footage Shows Miserable Elephants 'Losing Their Minds' In NYC Circus

A troubled circus was caught on film this week parading visibly distressed and scarred elephants in front of a crowd of onlookers in New York City.

A massive female elephant stood stock-still on a stage in the Bronx on Thursday night, back-lit by neon laser beams. As a playlist of Top 40 songs blared from a speaker above her head, she stared at a point on the floor about 3 feet in front of her for a half hour straight, shifting only when nudged by the sharp metal stick carried by her handler.



lmclain said...

Brain size is, according to scientists, a huge indicator of intelligence.
Yet we torture and beat animals with brains 5 times larger than ours.
"Training" them is months of whippings, beatings, and conditioning.
Remember that the next time you see an elephant in a circus doing tricks. Trust me -- the elephant is not having any fun and probably hasn't had any fun for years.
Their only hope is to go berserk and hope the humans shoot him to death.

Anonymous said...

They need to go berserk and stampeded some people. Then people will leave them alone.

Anonymous said...

Boycott the circus. Beat the trainers. Take all of the money from the owners and then beat them.

Anonymous said...

Bright lights and blaring Top 40 music -- like what they use for torturing people into talking. We can all take just so much stimulation before we crack or shut down.