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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Domestic Assault?

Last Saturday there was a shooting on Nanticoke Road that many of us ignored. The reason, it was put out as a domestic assault. 

We came to learn today that the person was arrested on attempted 1st and 2nd degree murder charges and is currently sitting in jail.

It looks like things are going to become VERY difficult to follow from here on out because of the way they are labeling the original charges. 

A better view of it can be seen HERE.


Anonymous said...

I heard the call on my scanner and they said is was domestic related. What a joke and the officer exposed responding.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we live in a society where a young man shot and killed his own mother on Christmas day. The family unit is broke down in a society that only finds things to not be responsible to raise their children. Some are so stupid they have more kids because they can only relate it to more free money, no caring about another generation to grow up in poverty. If they were smart and really cared, they would stop at one child and spend the time needed to make sure the child is educated and self sufficient, so they can be free from despair and poverty and begin a new generation that can be independent. It's not rocket science!

lmclain said...

What!? The government LYING TO US????
Keep cheering.
They love you.

Anonymous said...

The officer was exposed? That's his damn job! No matter what the call is! He needs to get there and intervene and not wait for back up and its to late for the victim. One cop has acted on his own and killed a boy. So don't give that we respond together in teams crap. To protect and serve! How can these local cops act all scared and claim their jobs dangerous when they don't do it? Wanna be a hero officers? Man up and do your jobs the correct way.

Anonymous said...

With every household owning a scanner they have to lie to keep the masses from catching on to the fact that this area is getting more and more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

He shot AT his fiance and shot out the guys car windows. That's why it's attempted murder. Because he shot AT the woman, who was cheating on him.

Heat of passion. Next.

Anonymous said...

Cheating woman is lucky he didn't kill her. What people get for cheating. Woman as well. If a man or woman busts their asses and puts up with god knows what and kills their cheating spouse then good for them!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it says shots fired on the left.