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Friday, April 24, 2015

Mathias, Carozza claim victories in 2015 session

The Shore’s representatives in both houses and across the aisle in the Maryland General Assembly have good things to say about the 2015 session, despite some of the acrimony over the budget in the final days.

“I have a degree of dissatisfaction with the conference committee report in that it didn’t come out the way I wanted. I’m concerned it moved too far away from what Gov. Hogan proposed,” Delegate Mary Beth Carozza said.

“I was pleased with the bipartisanship almost the whole trip up until the very end,” Senator Jim Mathias said. “When he presented it, Gov. Hogan said, ‘This is my plan, but if you find money, we’ll look at it.’”

When the legislature found the money they were looking for, how they got it and what they wanted to spend it on became issues.



Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be much more productive if government was a cooperative body instead of a competition.

Anonymous said...

Jim your done.. anti gun, pro tax, anti cuts, anti school board, so who' your puppet master? Sure aint working folk

Anonymous said...

Jim Mathias wanted to fund Medicaid?? What a F*n idiot!!

Anonymous said...

8:43 PM why would you say Jim is anti-school board when he gets a big contribution from the school unions.

Anonymous said...

How do you say they claimed victory?

Bob Aswell -- Anti Democrat said...

As usual, Mathias is a damn liar. Very little was accomplished by both parties due to the procedural stymie involked by the 'Dumbocrats' of which he is one. I wonder how one sustains ANY self-respect when it is evident he's the 'lap dog' for the two Mikes. I'd rather be shot with sh$*#@t and hung for stinking if I had no more backbone than that.
Look over your shoulder Mathias, McDermott isn't far behind and this time you'll get what you deserve. You'll need a lot more money from the electric companies this trip. Prime example of the Balti-moron you are.Bob Aswell