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Friday, April 24, 2015

Bill Nye’s Earth Day Trip With Obama On Air Force One Skewered

Television personality and climate change activist Bill Nye was skewered online for announcing an Air Force One flight with President Obama on Earth Day.

“Heading down to DC to catch an #EarthDay flight on Air Force One tomorrow with the President. We’re going to #ActOnClimate,” Mr. Nye wrote on Twitter late Tuesday.

The two men will fly across the country to discuss the Florida Everglades climate change’s effect on the economy.

“Stunning lack of self awareness here,” Twitter user Don Carpenter wrote.

“No irony there. Shouldn’t you be biking there instead of burning jet fuel?” said Gerald Aungst, The Blaze reported Tuesday.


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Anonymous said...

I used to like him when I was a kid and watched Bill Nye the Science Guy, but lately when I have seen him in interviews, I never realized what a jerk he is and how anesthetic his views are!