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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

ADHD Drugs Found to Trigger Suicidal Thoughts

The Canadian Ministry of Health announced on Monday that it will start including new warnings on drugs taken to control Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), after reports show they may have side effects of increasing suicidal thoughts.

The step is being taken in response to the ministry receiving a number of reports concerning patients taking ADHD drugs who saw an increase in thoughts of suicide, including several suicide attempts and even actual suicides in a very small number of instances.

"This risk is already known for one ADHD drug, Strattera (atomoxetine)," notes the announcement. "New information has emerged since to suggest that the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviours may apply to all other ADHD drugs," it adds, noting that while the drugs appear not to cause the behavior, they may "contribute to the risk."

The health ministry points out that "ADHD may also affect people who have other mental health conditions that are associated with an increased risk of suicide, such as depression or bipolar disorder."

All ADHD drugs are now to receive revised standardized warnings, aside from Strattera which already warns about the risk.

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Anonymous said...

yea, keeps you "Too Focused".

Anonymous said...

Makes children into compliant zombies with no sense of anything or a conscience, because it numbs their minds. This mind numbing effect coupled with them being labeled as having something wrong with them is why every single one of the mass school shootings involved a student on these drugs.
You really are playing Russian Roulette when you drug a kid into submission.

Anonymous said...

If you google ADHD and niacinimide, you will find information on studies that show tremendous improvement in symptoms through treatment with niacinimide.. vitamin B-3!
A much better option, in my view.

mommy13 said...

I took Strattera and it made me feel like my blood pressure was low, I felt weak and faint

Steve said...

God made us perfect. He also made some of us with deficiencies, but not an amount that the rest of us couldn't handle naturally.


Then, Man decided he knew better than God. And started "Fixing things".

Anonymous said...

Every drug is toxic to the body.