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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Miller, most Senate Democrats back end to contested judicial elections

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller called Tuesday for an end to Maryland's practice of allowing challengers to run against appointed Circuit Court judges, saying a system that forces judges to raise money for political campaigns is "very unseemly."

Miller endorsed a constitutional amendment that would require newly appointed Circuit Court judges to run to keep their seats in so-called "retention" elections, in which voters would either say yes or no to their remaining on the bench. That is the system the state uses for appointments to its appellate courts.

The Circuit Courts are Maryland's principal trial courts for serious criminal and civil cases. The judges are now appointed by the governor but must run to stay on the bench for a 15-year term in the next possible election. Traditionally, new judges run in both party primaries. Usually they win the nominations of both parties, but in some cases a challenger wins one party primary to set up a general election contest.



Anonymous said...

In MD the election is virtually the only method the public can use to get rid of an unqualified/unpopular or just disliked Circuit Judge. Impeachment is usually out of reach because the same people that supported and nominated the Judge would normally be necessary to Impeach. The Judicial Disabilities Commission/Ct. of Appeals process very rarely will reign in a rude, egocentric Judge who has forgotten from where he came. I'm sure that many in this audience have seen a judge who has as they say "No Judicial Demeanor"-- you know a tyrant. Those that could do something about this problem are the attorneys that practice before the type of judge that I just described. They rarely do so. Many are just afraid. No one but the power structure (the good old boys) should want this. This bill would be just another freedom down the toilet. Say No to our socialist Senate Majority Leader.

Anonymous said...

Having judges face the public in elections is more important than having the school board do so.

Anonymous said...

Any chance that the Sarbanes clan is behind this???

Anonymous said...

I have no way of knowing if a judge is any good or not,is there any type of rating system?

Guimo said...

Judges should be elected. I know. I am one.

Anonymous said...

Yep, trying to protect their little baby Spyros Sarbanes thug. What a crock of Sh!t. I will be glad when this country is fully educated about the problem Democrats.