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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Prominent American blogger hacked to death on Bangladeshi street

A prominent Bangladeshi-American blogger has been hacked to death in the street by militant Muslims after denouncing religious extremism.

Dr Avijit Roy, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is known for his outspoken atheism, was jumped by the gang of machete-wielding assailants last night Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

An obscure militant group, Ansar Bangla 7, has claimed responsibility for the attack, which it said is in retaliation for his 'crime against Islam'.

They also said he was singled out because he is a U.S. citizen, and characterized the vicious killing as 'revenge' for attacks on ISIS in Syria.

Police said at least two men attacked Roy landing three strong, deliberate blows to the right side of his head.

They turned on his wife, Rafida Ahmed, when she tried to save him, then fled into the crowd.

His body was found in a pool of blood on Thursday night after the brutal attack.

Ahmed, 45, is also a blogger. She is reportedly now in hospital with a deep cut to her head.

Roy, who is a naturalized U.S. citizen and also a bio-engineer, had been receiving death threats online for years.



Anonymous said...

That's going to be you, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Why do people go live in these countries who hate Americans and Christians? Don't they realize they are going to be targets?

Anonymous said...

We know this is going to happen when you go to this area, so why go? Not saying that it won't happen here but we hear more and more about this happening over there. Save your self and stay here and report on what is happening here. I am so sorry for the lost of another a life. map

Anonymous said...

To damn bad it wasn't you! One can only hope for that day.

Anonymous said...

Revenge, religious extremism, the misread, misconstrued word of God, it all amounts to the same violence that must be stopped. It's too bad that all we have to offer in return is more violence.

Steve said...

I'm with you, map, making an easy target of yourself is one thing, but running headlong into the airplane propeller is just plain stupid!

Anonymous said...

To you sickos wishing this on Joe, you are just that, sickos. I would not be proud to call you friend or relative. There are many people I disagree or even strongly dislike and I would never wish something like this on them.

ginn said...


Bangladesh To Outlaw Machetes
In an effort to mimic the United States' gun laws, Bangladesh plans to outlaw machetes thus ending this sort of activity.
/sarc off