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Friday, February 27, 2015


Dear Mr. Ireton,

At a time of a defining moment for civil rights in the country, I want to bring to your attention the Mayors for the Freedom to marry initiative Mayors for the Freedom to Marry | Freedom to Marry (direct link, 2 clicks). There are 486 mayors on the list now, many from Maryland.

Maybe you do not know of this bipartisan initiative. Equal opportunities for all citizens regardless their difference is consistent with the true spirit of our Nation.

This is important for many families. I hope that you will take a stand for justice and equality and join them.

Thank you Mr. Ireton, have a nice day,

Joan Anderson


Anonymous said...

Regardless their difference? More pro-mo no pun intended for acceptance of gays and them raising kids. Ol jimbo will jump all over this with open ...........

Anonymous said...

If Liberace had a son...