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Friday, February 27, 2015

FDNY EMS Respond to Manhattan Building Collapse

NEW YORK (AP) — The outer shell of a midtown Manhattan building that was in the process of being demolished has partially collapsed, injuring at least one person.

Construction workers say the collapse Wednesday afternoon sounded like an explosion. Rubble from the building damaged a yellow school bus parked on the street.

Firefighters are using drilling equipment to examine the wreckage.

Police say one person injured in the collapse on West 57th Street has been taken to a hospital in serious condition.

The city Buildings Department planned a news conference on the collapse later Wednesday.

The incident happened the day after a construction worker at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn was crushed to death when several steel beams fell on him.



Anonymous said...

Click on 2nd video.


Who was flying the plan to hit the building?

Anonymous said...

412 = asswipe

Anonymous said...

Union job?

Anonymous said...

the medics are standing by for the FF to bring in the injured.

sfd said...

Good job guys .