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Friday, February 27, 2015

Congressman Andy Harris On Why He Opposes Legal Pot In DC

Maryland Congressman Andy Harris is defending the move by congressional Republicans to override a vote by the people of DC.

Harris tells C4 that Congress should have the right to overrule the vote to legalize personal marijuana use because of DC's unique status as a federal city.

"We have agreed that federal law trumps state law when it comes to drug policy in this country, and now we're carving out all these exceptions," the Congressman stated.



JoeAlbero said...

For what it's worth, I disagree with Andy on this matter. In your own words Andy, "LESS GOVERNMENT".

mack said...

For Real what is Md. waiting for ?? Oh that is right. They are waiting till it is too late as they did with Casino's that they swore for years that it would NEVER happen and then they seen the TAX money other states are bringing in and then wanted casino's. And the same with 420 will be the same. When every State around Md. legalize it and start the CASH tax money coming in as that is what it will be all in CASH as 420 operations can't use banking systems as it is illegal income. Makes no sense the Gov. will take the CASH for the tax money. But then not allow them to use the banking system. Then as always this screwed up State will jump in for the CASH. But what people do not see is that in States that is it legal. The price in the legal stores is still much more than on the streets and that is causing issues as the black market is loving it as it is fueling the black market as folks are by passing the stores and buying it on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. What a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Andy needs to chill on this one. Less government interference is the bedrock of liberty. Let adults alone in their castle.

Anonymous said...

100 years ago, even the Progressives thought you needed a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw alcohol nationally. Now supposed conservatives think it is ok to have a National law outlawing pot without Constitutional justification.

I usually agree with Andy, but he's a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I called Andy's office in DC today and let him know that what he is doing is in direct conflict with what his intended job is. "The people of D.C.followed the legal process for getting this put to a vote and the people overwhelmingly supported the measure.

Andy seems to think that his opinion trumps the opinion of voters in an area he has no business poking his nose into.

He shows clear disregard for the premise of a representative government and therefor he must go. I will be putting my full support behind another candidate.

Furthermore Andy's stance on legalizing marijuana has been clearly stated by his actions. I would think that as a doctor he would educate himself a little.

ginn said...

I have not agreed with Dr. Harris on many of his recent votes and views. I haven't changed, so the only other thing is to accept the fact that he has.
BTW, his DC staff called me recently to explain why he supports the SU police receiving fully automatic machine guns.

Anonymous said...

Didn't click on the More link.

But not mentioned in comments to date is that Washington, DC is ultimately managed by the Congress. It is a Federal District.

Despite all the trappings its form of 'self government' is as much or as little as Congress permits or dictates. That dates to its establishment as the nation's capital.

Congress usually affords DC a lot of leash, just not in this instance.

Andy and the Congress made a good decision on this issue.

lmclain said...

5:27... you just wake up in the USA???
Harris is another wnna-be Public Master.
The PEOPLE in D.C. VOTED to do this.
Now, Harris, a MARYLAND politician, wants to tell D.C voters (and by association, all the rest of us in this republic) that it doesn't matter what "we, the people" vote for, it will up to him (and his fellow leeches) to decide if our morals and values pass HIS litmus test.
Has he solved all of Maryland's issues yet? Because I have to wonder --- how does he find time to veto what laws are passed on OTHER jurisdictions?
Are THEY paying part of his salary?
What an arrogant, self-important, and pompous hypocrite.
I can't wait for the D.C. delegate to start interfering with Maryland legislation. I hope Norton starts with Maryland taxes.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Unconstitutional Federal law does not trump state law.

Andy, you're wrong, wrong, wrong.

Just mind your own business.

InvictusV said...

Marijuana being illegal is stupid. But that is not nearly as offensive as the president or any other executive arbitrarily deciding what laws he is going to enforce and what laws he isn't going to enforce. I find the hypocrisy coming from someone complaining about Obama not enforcing immigration laws, but being ok with him not enforcing the drug laws. Harris isn't a hypocrite on this enforcement issue and if you take issue with that then vote for the liberal that runs against him in the next election and see what that gets you.

Pete da Pirate said...


On the one hand, United States federal government officials have consistently denied that marijuana has any medical benefits. On the other, the government actually holds patents for the medical use of the plant.

Anonymous said...

What does Andy's Community Liason, Bill Reddish, have to say about this one? For years he was known as Salisbury's biggest stoner. Just ask his ex-wife.