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Monday, January 26, 2015

Delaware First in Internet Speed

Delaware leads the nation in average broadband Internet connectivity speed, according to a recent report. The state's chief information officer called the news encouraging, but conceded connectivity needs to improve in rural portions of Kent and Sussex counties.

On average, Delaware's peak Internet connectivity speed is 75.7 megabits per second, or mgps, the report said. Delaware finished ahead of Connecticut, which recorded an average peak speed of 71 mgps, and Massachusetts with a peak speed of 63.7. In fact, Delaware recorded a higher average peak speed than several industrialized countries including Japan at 65.1 mgps and Canada, which averaged a peak speed of 43.7.

Akami Technologies Inc., a Cambridge, Massachussetts, provider of Internet hosting services which released the study, found that only two locations in the world have faster average Internet speeds than Delaware. Hong Kong's average peak speed is 84.6 mgps and Singapore's peak speed is 83 mgps.


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