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Monday, January 26, 2015

President Obama Wants More Efficient Outdoor Lighting

The White House wants to make outdoor lighting cheaper and more energy efficient. Outdoor lighting consumes enough energy to power 6 million homes in 2015. That adds up to $10 billion each year. The White House looks for ideas through its Presidential Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lightning. It said technology can cut lighting bulls in half but using newer, more efficient technology. Some cities are already using LED light bulbs. That's saving them as much as 70 percent in annual funds.


Anonymous said...

We tried this crap recently with the incandescent replacing CFL bulbs...more expensive, last just slightly long er than the average legacy light-bulb, and are hazardous materials to dispose of because of the mercury contained inside.

Who's making money on the LED's now!

Anonymous said...

Tell the president too turn the lights out in the WH.He is useless anyway.

Anonymous said...

1110-I switched my home over to CFL's 6 years ago. Haven't had to change one since.

Anonymous said...

Switching power to the CFL (like a motion detector) will kill the bulb. I put 4 LED floods in one room with a dimmer at a cost of about 4 for $100. My dimmer switch just blew and cost $25 to replace.

So, who really saves?