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Monday, January 26, 2015

Wicomico County Snow Removal Plan

January 26, 2015 – County Executive Bob Culver announces Wicomico County’s Snow Removal Plan is in forceto address the storm event scheduled to begin tonight (Monday 1/26/2015) at10:00 PM through Noon, Tuesday 1/27/2015. The Department of Public Works activates its salt trucks anytime that frozen precipitation poses a safety hazard for motorists, and will initiate plowing operations generally when snow is forecasted to reach 3 inches. The department salts approximately 301 lane miles of its 700 mile network, the remainder of the roads are plowed. Salting “one round” uses approximately 185 tons of salt. Pickup trucks and one ton dump trucks will be utilized almost entirely in subdivisions due to their mobility. This allows for larger trucks to focus on mainline roads.
Wicomico County is divided into 18 snow removal sections. Some sections require more than one vehicle due to the number of streets and other varying circumstances.The department has loaded five salt trucks for this event.The forecast is for 1-3 inches, the northern part of the county will likely see the maximum accumulation.
The County’s Department of Emergency Services is continuing to monitor the situation in conjunction with the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and the National Weather Service. Additional Weather Bulletins will be issued if warranted.

Citizens who wish to contact the County Roads Division to report concerns on specific roads should call (410) 548-4872. A messaging system will dispatch calls after hours.


Anonymous said...

And the city does.....nothing until it hits over 4" and by then it is too late.
I am so fortunate I am only a couple blocks from Rt 50, because it it always 100% better than our city streets.

Anonymous said...

The only reason the state roads look so good is because they have plenty of money for salt, since they took it all from the counties and cities, they have more traffic to help the salt work, and all of their roads are straight. Big difference. You are upset that they don't start plowing until 4 inches. If they start at one, what happens to the first streets they did by the end? They still have 3 inches on them.

Anonymous said...

Do not salt or plow anymore than necessary save money

Anonymous said...

3:11 you so funny.

States with significantly more snow seem to manage fine and much better than we do.

Not to poke to many holes in your theory, if the city street were in better condition there would be more traffic to help the salt. Just saying.

And straight or not is irrelevant. Its a road.

Quit making excuses for the poor job the city does, which puts their citizens and their property in harms way.

I guess the city used up their salt fund to paint those bike lanes on the pavement. doh.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you the state hiways are in one heck of a mess.rt 50 thru salisbuty is terrible from ward street west the broken seesam sin the roads will jar the hell out of your vehicle.Such as waste of money to purchase nice new vehicles in this area to have the hell beat out of them on these roads.

Anonymous said...

3:52, you obviously don't know what you are talking about. The state has millions of dollars to apply deicing agents to every inch of their highway network. Local governments do not have that luxury. There is a huge difference in the ability to clear roadways with the help of traffic and salt vs. low volume roads and no salt. I will guarantee if the state and city swapped roads, along with their budgets, the city employees would do as good or better. What work do you see the State Highway people doing other than plowing snow and cutting grass? That's right, they don't. Local government employees do far more involved work everyday instead of contracting it out at a far greater cost. Fact. If some of you would learn to slow down and don't treat wet or icy roads as if they were dry, you wouldn't have a problem. The local state highway holds about 2000 tons of salt, which is about 5 times that of the city or county. Where would you rather your money be spent? On a product that washes away after the snow melts or no something that will actually improve the roads. Do you realize that salt costs twice as much as asphalt per ton? Just slow down a little and you will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Salisbury's plan is called "grab a shovel, pal".

Anonymous said...

5:19 nice rant, not buying it. And I do know what I am talking about.

I have lived and traveled in areas all over the NORTH east.
This area does not handle it well nor try to. I have no problem driving in it and your assumption that I need to slow down is misplaced.
I do not care how slow you go, dolt, if the roads are not maintained and icy, you will slide - even if you are stopped.

Obviously you are one of the city workers who has never experienced a community that does not make excuses and actually knows how to handle inclement weather.

Our government including your department pi$$es away money left and right, but when it comes to protecting its citizens and their property all you dish out are excuses.

Frankly all salt eventually washes away, so what is your point? You ask do I want product that washes away or improves the road, but neglected to address what exactly is improving the road.

So yes, I do know what I am talking about. Salt aside - the state plows, the city doesn't even bother doing that... so whats your excuse for that laziness?

Excuses excuses.

Anonymous said...

Watching the weather channel and in Boston they are already plowing and they have only gotten a few (2-3) inches. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

The King has not been right since Bobby took his 2500HD away.