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Friday, January 16, 2015

Customer Asks Pizza Shop Owner If He Can Buy a Slice for a Homeless Person — The Result Has Sparked a Chain Reaction of Good

When customers enter Rosa’s Fresh Pizza shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they can’t miss the hundreds of Post-It notes and letters plastered all over the walls — evidence of customers’ good deeds.

See, patrons at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza are invited to buy $1 slices of pie for the poor, which are, in turn, given out to those in need free of charge.

It’s a program that shop owner Mason Wartman started last year after a customer came in and asked if he could buy a slice to help feed a homeless person. Naturally, Wartman said yes — but it’s what he did next that truly helped set an inspiring pattern in motion.



Anonymous said...

You can be assured that would not happen in Salisbury. Too busy patting each other on the back because they screwed over another.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people in Salisbury do good for others. It warms my heart. :-)