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Thursday, November 27, 2014

My eyes are up here!

Bill Clinton caught 'not paying attention' in selfie with attractive brunette

Bill Clinton was apparently not paying attention.

The former president was snapped seemingly giving a brunette woman in a low-cut shirt a look of admiration - as she posed for a selfie next to him, in a photo that appeared on Reddit.

The mystery woman wore a dark, deep-cut v-neck top at the time the photo was taken and Clinton was caught in looking her direction.



InvictusV said...

That.... IS hilarious.. Not need to question the definition of 'is'..

Anonymous said...

I got on the elevator today and a very chesty woman caught me staring. She said "please press one", so I did. I should be out of traction by Christmas.

Anonymous said...

C'mon.. Give the guy a break! Think of that pants suit he has to come home to at night.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I blame him...

Anonymous said...

At least he's not gay!