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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ferguson riots are Obama's legacy

They are the “Obama riots.”

President Barack Obama will forever rightly hold a distinguished place in American history. That can never be taken away from him.

But it is also true that he owns every single bit of these riots over the tragic killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. He owns the discontent. He owns the ignorance. He owns the mayhem. He owns the looting.

This rioting, it’s not about Ferguson. It’s not about Michael Brown. It’s not about Darren Wilson.

After all, an independent grand jury evaluated all the evidence, heard from all the witnesses and asked every question 12 responsible Americans could possibly think up. And they determined that, however unfortunate, Brown’s death was not a police murder.



Anonymous said...

Obama's legacy will be that he is the biggest fraud ever inflicted on Americans.

Anonymous said...

Obama won't have a legacy. Legacy denotes goodness.
His presidency will be known as the darkest days America has ever ever experienced, a tragedy that he was ever elected due to the words so eloquently spoken by democrat Jonathan Gruber, "stupidity of the American voter."

Anonymous said...

Over 50% stupid 2:54

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would mention this. I saw a tv program with a black lady talking , she said "Im just an American , I'm not an African American , not a negro . not a person of color . Just a plain ole American , never been to Africa , never been a slave , as far as I know I'm not black , just an American. "