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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Cause of Black Violence in Ferguson Schools

The Post-Dispatch finally figured out who is responsible for the relentless violence and mayhem in black schools in Ferguson, MO: The white teachers.

This is basically the same story the paper ran last year about St. Louis, with the same explanations: White teachers cannot handle the constant chaos in black classrooms. So they quit, many on the first day.

This week, the mayhem reached such epic levels in Ferguson that two schools were forced to suspend 20 percent of their student bodies. All black.

“Many new teachers are white and previously taught in more affluent suburban schools,” explained the paper. “Some are struggling to connect with their students, most of whom are black and come from impoverished backgrounds.”

One of these schools removing students from the classroom at bulk rates is Normandy High, which produced America’s latest and greatest poster child for the war on black people, Michael Brown, the gentle giant of Ferguson.



Anonymous said...

Teachers are NOT their to be your FRIEND - they are there to EDUCATE!!!! The main problem is not that the teacher can not connect with these HOOD RATS! The Main problem is that these "CHILDREN" were not RAISED CORRECTLY by their HOOD RAT PARENTS! The level of RESPECT is gone!

Anonymous said...

Those students don't want to learn,they are only there to deal drugs and create mayhem.

Anonymous said...

Keep em uneducated the liberal way.

Anonymous said...

Another important issue is that the teachers don't have the backing of the local school administration. When there are quotas for suspension and discipline because of race instead of behavior, this will continue to worsen. And folks, it's happening right here in Wicomico County.

Anonymous said...

If you can't control the behavior of the kids, control the number you let principals suspend.

Anonymous said...

They could be on to something. The meanest strictest teachers I ever had were black women. Mrs. Wright was the librarian at Fruitland Intermediate for years. Everyone was scared to death to go to library. Trust me when I say everyone was perfectly disciplined in that classroom. Who's scared of library? I knew my Dewey Decimal system and to keep my mouth shut though.

Anonymous said...

They need to hire trained zoologists. Maybe they might better understand the animals.