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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Here’s What Obama Critic Dinesh D’Souza Was Just Sentenced to for Breaking Campaign Finance Law

Conservative author and Obama critic Dinesh D’Souza has been sentenced to eight months in a community confinement center, five years probation, one day of community service a week during that probation and ordered to pay $30,000 for breaking campaign finance law during the 2012 election.

D’Souza pleaded guilty in May to charges he arranged for straw donors to contribute to New York Republican Wendy Long’s failed U.S. Senate bid.

“It was a crazy idea, it was a bad idea,” D’Souza told Judge Richard Berman in Manhattan before sentencing, according to Reuters. “I regret breaking the law.”



Anonymous said...

How many of Obamas criminal donors have been prosecuted?

Anonymous said...

Obama will be giving hundreds of pardons the last week in his Miserable office,

Anonymous said...

Thank God it wasn't much more. In this evil time under this evil president and administration, there's no telling what may have been.

Anonymous said...

At least this guy stands up and admits to his mistakes, and offers an apology.

Obama's clan?

Not a chance in hel

Anonymous said...

What is a "community confinement center" and is it similar to a jail. I kind of take that as an ankle bracelet or something. He wasn't sentenced to eight months in the "department of corrections facility" or the "county jail." Am I incorrect? Does anyone know? This is the first time I have heard of this.

Anonymous said...

7:16 What is a "community confinement center"
A hotel that can monitor you. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

So...the people that spend $50,000 a plate to raise money for the Dumbocrats aren't breaking donation laws?

Anonymous said...

It's like a Hilton except you have to check out and in everytime you leave or comeback!