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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sorry to break it to everyone but the woman who claims to have surgically implanted third breast is a self-proclaimed HOAXER

Jasmine Tridevil's 'three breasts' have gotten their 15 minutes of fame, but they've finally been exposed as a sham after all.

Florida station 10 News has now outed Tridevil third breast as fake after obtaining a luggage theft report filed earlier this month by the 21-year-old at Tampa International Airport.

In the report, Tridevil (going by her real name Alisha Hessler) lists the contents of a bag which was stolen off the American Airlines conveyor belt, including a $5,000 '3 breast prosthesis' inside.

Cops eventually tracked down the thieves using surveillance footage, and returned Hessler's black nylon bag - but not before taking an official inventory.

Earlier Tuesday, Tridevil's story began to fall apart when internet-rumor site Snopes connected the young woman to a Tampa, Florida massage therapist named Alisha Hessler.



Anonymous said...

still better then reading about Obama.

Anonymous said...

LOL, 633! "reality" is what these days?

Not 3 boobs.

Anonymous said...

Damm, I was going to Florida this weekend to find her and ask her to marry me!

Anonymous said...

Three. boobs wow one for each hand and an extra to talk to or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Busted, er, not really!

Anonymous said...

Dammit Joe! Why do you always have to ruin my fantasies!!!