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Monday, August 04, 2014

We Are ALL Wondering, Just Where Did The Daily Times Get This Story In Sundays Paper?

Records explain why US Airways flight buzzed city mall

US Airways passenger Flight 4343 was on its way to the Salisbury-Ocean City: Wicomico Regional Airport when a rapid descent caused the flight attendant to look out the window.

What she saw was scary. The plane was low, and it was going quickly.

"My brain went into emergency/evacuation mode," flight attendant Charlene Helgason said, according to a record of her phone interview with Federal Aviation Administration officials.

She didn't know the pilot-in-command, Edmund C. Draper, had purposely lowered the plane in order to fly over his home, according to Federal Aviation Administration documents recently reviewed by The Daily Times.


My phone went off the HOOK yesterday when people had heard and seen the Daily Times taking what turned out to be a HUGE story on Salisbury News MONTHS ago and re purposed it for their own increase in sales. 

But the Main Stream Media like to call themselves LEADERS on Delmarva. Let's see, they did the very same thing years ago with my breaking story on Salisbury's Waste Water Treatment Plant and even won national awards ON MY STORY. It has become the NORM any more, even with WBOC and WMDT. 

However, when WE see stories we feel are incredible, WE ALWAYS give them credit and usually title the article, Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due. We use their LOGO, (just like you see on the top of this article) and we ALWAYS link to their article after a couple paragraphs. 

Well, did the Daily Times credit US for our hard work and investigation on this matter, hell no. Did they link to us, hell no. Did they use our logo, hell no. 

The Daily Times knows the kind of numbers we are turning each and every day and they are now taking our big stories, (this particular one on MARCH 3rd HERE) and we republished it again on Sunday March, 9th. 

They reproduced our story FIVE MONTHS LATER! They also reproduced it on their busiest day of the week. The Daily Times needs to give credit where credit is due. What do YOU think?

I have another question. Didn't the Daily Times promise their customers they were adding 75 or 80 pages to the paper on a daily basis, what happened to that?


Anonymous said...

the Daily Snooze will NEVER give Proper Credit! We know who to depend on for the REAL NEWS - Thanks Salisbury News for ALWAYS keeping us UP TO DATE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! All of those phone calls really got you fired up.Not to worry though.We know the origin and we appreciate your aggressive style of investigative journalism.Emulation is the most sincere form of flattery.We read it first here and eventually we see it elsewhere.Thanks for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

The DTs need all the help they can get. Maybe they will start copying some conservative opinion, wouldn't that be ironic?

Anonymous said...

Joe can you tell use when to expect the theft in Pittsville to make it to the DT? My guess is at least another month.