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Monday, August 04, 2014

Oh, Sheila: TX Democrat Jackson-Lee Busted Lying

Sheila “Turn in Your Guns” Jackson Lee is a gaffe queen (who, incidentally, demands to be treated like a real queen by staffers).

Admittedly, some of Jackson Lee’s, er, more “zany” antics, have been harmless and quite amusing, like when she demanded that more hurricanes be given African-American sounding names, tried to close a public hallway for her visit with Michael Jackson, and claimed she was once a slave.

But, some of her actions and statements are more serious, and a few are downright disturbing.

Jackson Lee has been the U.S. Representative for Texas’s 18th congressional district since 1995. The district includes most of inner-city Houston.

She’s known for being one of the worst bosses in Congress – she’s lost at least 39 employees in the last 13 years – including 11 chiefs of staff. She reportedly called staffers names I won’t publish here (yes, they are THAT bad), and even threw a cell phone at one employee. Gladys Quinto, a former staffer, said Jackson Lee instructed her to write a memo about why she was incompetent in front of other staffers.

Jackson Lee also thinks the Constitution is 400 years old and is a big fan of Obama signing executive orders. Oh, and she also voted FOR HR 1960 – the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014.



Anonymous said...

Lets not forget when the mars rover landed and began taking pictures of the martian surface. Jacka$$ Lee wanted to know if we could see the flag that the astronauts left behind

Anonymous said...

OMG, what a joke this person and her whole staff are. Jacka$$ Lee is the correct name for her.

Anonymous said...

Yet as stupid as she is, she will continue to be voted back in, only based on her color!

Anonymous said...

Who votes for idiots like this?

Anonymous said...

11:33AM - the very same people who vote for Presidents like we have now.

Anonymous said...

"Who votes for idiots like this?"

The same morons who re-elected Odumbo.

lmclain said...

If someone DOESN'T vote for a candidate because of his skin color, he is a racist, correct??
If one DOES vote for a candidate BECAUSE of his skin color, is that racist, too?
I think the stat was --- 90% --- !!! of black people voted for Obama.
You couldn't get 90% of anyone to even agree that water is wet.....

Anonymous said...

I'm not a rocket science or a great philosopher But if you tell a whole race of people how welfare depended They are, Or how inferior they are. I'm pretty sure they are going to vote for the other guy.