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Monday, August 04, 2014

The Conowingo Scandal: It is vital for agriculture in Wicomico County


Anonymous said...

Clean Chesapeake Coalition has done absolutely nothing but suck dollars out of our pockets.
If you watch this video, even they say the Bay has a failing score, year after year, D minus score.
So this organization has does NOTHING but take money.
Check your water and sewer bill, Bay restoration fee, for what? Who gets it, what is it spent for?
All this organization does it is cute little media shows with no results. Illusions.

Anonymous said...

They have no scientific evidence that dredging will improve anything. In fact, it will disturb the sediment and send more flowing through the dam, creating a bigger disaster.

I noticed not only on the video but on their website, neither the noted executive director nor the chairman is actually named, only their face and title is shown.

Also it costs the counties $25,000 to join this organization. And there are 9 counties. That with all the state and fed funds/grants they are getting. So these guys are taking home a nice salary for doing nothing other than making commercials and handouts, because year after year, there is a D- score.
This dredging is their only plan.

Anonymous said...

Very well done and very understandable. We get so tired of hearing the "Save the Bay" words that our ears have become numb. Anyone thinking that the Ches. Bay Foundation does anything with their money but pay their own salaries and allow Omalley to steal the change for the General Fund is high on something.

Call AND write your congressmen and keep the dam's feet to the fire to get the sediment removed on an annual basis. They want to create jobs? Well, here's one they can really stand up on if they can push hard enough! Hold them accountable!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to these young men for doing the work that should have been done many years ago. I've been "preaching" the evils of the Conowingo for at least 8 years and others have done this much longer. I can tell you, without a doubt, if there isn't an OUTCRY very soon the bay is DEAD and will never recover, or a least not in our lifetime.

Please copy and paste this video and send to our local city/county councils, our state reps. and our federal reps. Make the phones ring off the hook and don't let up.

We must educate and motivate our leaders to do the right things NOW!

Anonymous said...

Maybe building an unnecessary dam and changing the course of nature was the problem from the start.

While you are looking at the photos on their web site, take note of the shoreline on the right of each photo and the changes that occurred, naturally, after each storm.

Anonymous said...

Why are legislator covering this up? Dredging the Conowingo lake is the solution which is so much cheaper than counter the damaging that is being released into the Chesapeake. Shifting the responsibility to individuals and farmers is costing them millions of dollars and not fixing the problem.

Anonymous said...

excellent coverage. Very well done.

Anonymous said...

Secession is the only way out for the eastern shore. Delegate McIntosh is bad news for the eastern shore. He was also responsible for inflicting the rise in Wicomico's locality tax. He was also responsible for sponsoring legislation to exempt school teachers from having to pay any real estate tax - even though - the bill synopsis said that everyone else's property tax would have to be increased.