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Monday, August 04, 2014

Ocean City Landmark May Not Be Closing After All

Reports of the demise of an Ocean City landmark may be premature.

The owner of Ocean Gallery, which for 50 years has sold all kinds of art near the south end of the Ocean City Boardwalk, says his gallery may not close after all.

There had been reports owner Joe Kroart was going to sell the property, and pack up and move it to Hollywood, as part of a contract with a television production company creating a new reality show.

Kroart told Maryland's News Now, that the response from customers to his leaving was so great, that he is considering not leaving.



Anonymous said...

You came here as a college student looking to sell art, and did such a great job, you decided to open Ocean Gallery. Please remember that we embraced you, and supported you, please repay that kindness by keeping your business here!

Anonymous said...

Ocean Gallery is a landmark and I always give it a visit when I have some time to kill.

I'd be very disappointed if he decided to leave.

Anonymous said...

I was in there on Saturday and they told me that the news got it all mixed. They never planned on closing.

Anonymous said...

Like somebody else who thought they had a job elsewhere and it fizzled (no names mentioned)

Anonymous said...

Why can't the reality show come to OC to film?

Anonymous said...

There was no reality show. This is a publicity stunt for exposure since his business has been slipping for years.